Sovaton Brings CYBERShark To The African IT Channel

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Industry’s First Enterprise-Class SIEM Platform Tailored for The SMB Market

Sovaton today announced a new partnership with BlackStratus CYBERShark – an innovative cloud SIEM solution designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their small to midsize businesses. The Platform is built on the foundation of BlackStratus’ proven SIEM technology – used by large organisations such as BT, Cisco, Thales, Verizon, Vodafone. This partnership will offer a lower barrier to entry for MSPs and, in turn, their clients in the African region.

“As seen media coverage tends to focus on the threat of cyber attacks for larger businesses like, Hetzner, Liberty Holding’s, and more recently City Power being hacked rather than their smaller counterpart’s. It’s common for smaller businesses to think they’re too small to be targeted, but there are dozens of threats to smaller enterprises that don’t make the news headlines” says Lisa Rice, General Manager at Sovaton. “Sovaton are constantly researching new security solutions, adding effective layers of security to keep MSPs profitable, and their clients protected.

Employee and customer data, bank account and credit card information, intellectual property and trade secrets: These are just a few of the assets that every business possesses — and that hackers find valuable. Without the right security measures in place, there is high risk that these assets will fall into the wrong hands.

SMBs have fewer resources to devote to security than their larger competitors, but they can’t afford to turn a blind eye, as SMBs are breached more often than large enterprises, with greater impact and therefore must adapt at speed as bad hackers continue to target smaller organisations.

Educating SMBs on cybersecurity and helping them get the right support to address challenges is crucial. Outsourcing their IT and security to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help them improve their cyber security and business performance. SMBs can use cybersecurity to not only keep them safe from threats but can also use this to differentiate their business in a competitive market.

CYBERShark provides an excellent opportunity for MSPs to offer smaller organisations a multi-tenanted, white-labelled and scalable SIEM solution – the exact same level of security monitoring as a large corporate organisation but at a fraction of the cost and on a rolling 30-day contract.

“This Security Information Event Management (SIEM) technology will allow MSPs to deliver another layer of security – monitoring all inbound and outbound traffic from every network device, helping to reduce SMBs chances of suffering a severe breach whilst meeting regulatory audit and reporting requirements” says Lisa Rice.

“We are looking forward to working with CYBERShark and bringing a low-cost, cloud based SIEM to the MSP market across Africa, adding value to their already existing portfolio and creating a more secure environment to meet SMB demands”.

“We’re delighted to have a partner like Sovaton that will help us to penetrate the market throughout Africa with our CYBERShark security and compliance service by growing our base of business customers,” said Dale Cline, CEO of BlackStratus “SMBs are at even greater risk today to cyber-attacks than large enterprises, so we engineered CYBERShark to provide them with the same level of protection that larger firms enjoy—but at a price point they can finally afford.”

CYBERShark Features

  • Advanced architecture designed to cover complex regulatory compliance, business continuity and risk management needs
  • Multi-tenancy support silos customer accounts and files, protecting privacy and data integrity
  • Real-time attack visualization identifies zero-day attacks based on rules-based, vulnerability, statistical, and historical correlations
  • Vulnerability correlation integrates data from detection systems, eliminating false positives and freeing up your team to focus on actual threats
  • Unparalleled visibility in distributed networks to correlate activity in individual customer environments, identifying hidden threats, suspicious trends and other potentially dangerous behaviour
  • Sophisticated reporting tools for ISO, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other compliance standards