Security for you, safety for your clients

Security threats continue to grow, and your customers are most likely at risk.  SMBs are targeted by 64% of all cyberattacks and 62% of them admit lacking in-house expertise to deal with security issues.  Now MSPs are a prime target with some estimates saying upwards of 300 MSPs have been victimized.

Enter Continuum Fortify – the advanced security solution you need to deliver the managed detection and response protection your clients require.


Identify Risks

Whether you’re talking to prospects or customers, Continuum provides you with the right insights and data to support your cybersecurity conversation.  From client-facing reports to technical guidance, we reduce the noise by guiding you through what’s really needed to demonstrate the value of enhanced strategy.

Scalable Protection

No matter how intense your clients’ security needs become, Continuum Fortify has the right tools and services to help you scale quickly to meet them.  From foundational to more sophisticated products, Continuum can support you with the right protection strategy for each unique business.

Always-on Watch

Don’t be the last one to know your customer is under attack.  Have a clear picture of how secure your clients are and how well their protection lines up with regulations.  Continuum Fortify provides automated identification and processing of threats to enable persistent monitoring and protection – all from a single source.

Manage Detection and Response

Let Continuum do the heavy work for you.  Continuum’s managed detection and response capabilities provide a fully manged process, staffed by security experts providing ongoing visibility on status and risks.  Continuum’s global SOC monitors for indicators of compromise across the entire attack surface, correlating events, quickly identifying security incidents that need to be investigated further.  When trouble is detected, Continuum will work with the impacted clients and the partner to quickly resolve issues, halting attacks, limiting damage and driving recovery efforts.

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Continuum Fortify enables MSPs to deliver managed detection and response services without building and maintaining in-house operations. With Continuum Fortify you can design and implement custom security.

Protect your clients and capitalize on today’s cybersecurity opportunity.  From Partner-enabling products to advanced threat detection and rapid SOC response, Continuum Fortify allows you to establish the right security strategy for each unique client.


Continuum Fortify Products

Fortify for Assessment / Assessment Plus

Struggling to convince clients they need security?  Get the material you need to create a strong foundation for your security offering and easily demonstrate its value to even the most stubborn customers.

Fortify for Protection

It can be tough to determine the most efficient security strategy for every client.  Let Continuum help.  Continuum will scan your clients’ environments, identify gaps and provide guidance to help you develop the right solutions.

Fortify for Endpoint Security

How do you get the enhanced protection today’s clients demand without adding new people and products in-house?  Get a complete endpoint solution for threat monitoring, detecting and remediation – all supported by an experienced 24/7 SOC service.

Fortify for Network Security

It seems like security regulations never stop changing.  Continuum help you stay ahead of the curve and your clients stay compliant by managing and retaining endpoint logs, analysing device information and creating alerts.

Fortify for the MSP

Successfully selling and manging security starts at home.  With the rise in attacks on SMBs and now MSPs, it’s imperative to implement a foundation for your security business to both demonstrate the value and relevancy of your cybersecurity solutions when selling and to deliver a security solution that covers the entire attack surface using a proven security architecture.



Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are prone to the myth that their data isn’t at great risk because hackers would rather target larger entities, or that their data simply isn’t important enough to attract hacker’s attention.  That thought couldn’t be more wrong.

SMBs are common prey for hackers and cyber thieves.  One reason – cyber criminals assume SMBs defences aren’t as strong as larger organisations.  Plus, smaller business could be a gateway to larger organisations, through part of a supply chain, they maybe a pipeline to a network of sensitive data, or valuable financial information of accounting practices, legal firms or just those who are harder to penetrate directly.  Business owners need to act on cybersecurity, it needs to be more than just installing anti-virus software.  Whilst for some companies hiring an in-house security expert might be an option, it is one of the most difficult jobs to fill, with cybersecurity professionals commanding high salaries.

Enter the MSP, security experts that monitor and manage security day to day


Strengthen Endpoint Management

With the number of new vulnerabilities rising each year, smart patching procedures have never been more important.  Continuum automatically test and deploy patches when they are viable and restrict patches that are harmful.  Get better protection for clients while you spend less time managing endpoints and more time growing your business.

Close the Skills Gap

It’s tough to locate, afford and /or retain quality talent.  Add Continuum Assist NOC and get the expertise problem resolution you need to become the advisor your clients demand – without adding headcount.

Increase Efficiency

Save time by reducing unnecessary alerts, tickets and false positives with our proprietary alerting system, Intellimon®.  Want to push efficiency even further?  Add Continuum Assist NOC to provide powerful, always-on services without taking more time out of your day or adding complexity to your workflow.

Accelerate Business Objectives

Grow revenue, boost profits, solve client problems and drive your business forward faster.  Through tools like our intelligent alerting and our NOC services, Continuum Command gives you confidence to help build trusted customer relationships.  It puts time back in your day, so you can focus on the work that matters most.  And it empowers scalable growth, allowing you to add clients without increasing your headcount.

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Continuum’s Command is intended for MSPs to address outsourced IT needs on one platform. It provides the core monitoring services, such as patch management, automated threat detection, and NOC support.

Don’t settle when it comes to managing your customers’ IT infrastructure.  Exceed their expectations with Continuum’s Command (Remote Monitoring and Management) solution that provides proactive tools and NOC services – regardless of device environment.

Command for Servers

Proactively monitor and manage the health of your customers’ servers.  With built-in intelligent alerting, you can solve problems more efficiently and effectively – so you can spend more time working on your business.

Command for Desktops

Monitor, manage and support your customers at the desktop level.  With continuous change and risk, desktop management is critical for any MSP.  Through the NOC services, get powerful automation and near real-time reporting to achieve complete visibility.

Command for Networks

Device proliferation is making networks more complex.  Take control with reliable network management that lets you see the big picture and automate key functions.

Command for Mobile

With personal devices (especially smartphones) invading the workplace, securing and managing mobile devices is now more important than ever.  Command for mobile can help you to do it quickly and easily, all from a single screen.



There is no way to predict the future; hard drives malfunction unpredictably, cyber-attacks are on the rise, and natural disasters may strike with little to no warning.  To ensure data is secure, it needs to be backed up and quickly recoverable, so downtime is minimal when the unforecastable happens.

Neither off-site nor on-site backup are enough in the event a disaster strikes, and that has been the big driver behind cloud-based off-site backup.  If a disaster happens, the data on backup media (off-site or on-site) will not be enough to fully recover.  Replacement computer systems to restore the data will be needed, as will the networks that connect the systems.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise causing havoc for business of all sizes everywhere.  And, while hackers and ransomware outbreaks are causing damage and making news headlines, old-school malware, spyware, and old-fashioned viruses continue to be among the leading reasons for system breaches and data loss.

With these types of threats, it’s not a matter of when a business will become a victim; it’s when.


Get Answers for New Infrastructure

Continuum Recover scales easily and is highly customisable.  Modernise and scale for cloud, hybrid or on-premises so you can deliver profitable solutions that match every customer’s unique needs.

Offload the day-to-Day

Continuum Recover with Elite Services enables Continuum Assist’s certified NOC technicians to handle BDR day-to-day management, monitoring and troubleshooting.  By managing all your BDR through a unified platform and a single vendor, you can focus less on daily admin and more on becoming a trusted advisor to your customers.

Deliver Peace of Mind

Give customers the peace of mind that their data is safe.  Continuum Recover combines advance automation and verification system Tru-Verify™, Continuous Data Protection™ for efficient block level storage, and Continuum Cloud, powered by IBM Cloud®, to deliver advanced cloud security and automatic data replication.

Shield Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a constant threat for every customer.  Continuum Recover protects and secures data at rest, in transit and in the cloud with AES-265 level encryption.  With Continuum, you can turn cyberthreat risks like ransomware into a competitive differentiator by promoting fast, secure BDR to new and existing customers.

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Create trust through BDR

Avoid downtime and disruption with a cost-effective, unified Backup and Disaster Recover (BDR) solution.  With Continuum Recover, you can automate key tasks and get expert support for diverse environments and workloads.  Activate powerful, reliable BDR that helps you build trust with your customers and expand your business relationships.

Recover for Continuity

Deliver true business continuity and ensure fast and comprehensive recovery.  Get uncompromising power with RTO measured in minutes – not hours or days.  Quickly spin up recovery points locally on the Recover appliance or in the Continuum Cloud

Recover for Backup

Secure critical data for SMB clients with flexible protection.  Provide essential BDR at low cost but with plenty of room to scale.

Recover for SaaS

SaaS data backup done easily, quickly and secure.  Integrated in the partner portal in three easy steps and its unique capability allows find and restore tasks to be done in minutes.  With the broadest coverage in the market, including full Office 365 workloads, no data will be left behind.

Continuum Cloud

Easy, reliable and protected off-site backup storage and Disaster Recovery options in the cloud.


Good talent is hard to find

Cybercrime continues to rise, and so does the demand for security professionals, a demand the current workforce has just not been able to match.

Continuum Assist gives IT service providers the ability to manage more clients than traditional break/fix IT providers, and to do so more efficiently.

Allowing you to expand your capabilities and extend your workforce with SOC, NOC, Help Desk and project-level support.  By leveraging Continuum’s expertise and capabilities, you can say “yes” to virtually any customer request.


Get the expertise and insight you need to stop hesitating and start growing your business.

Expand Capabilities

Get expert support and guidance that helps you deliver better service, so your clients can reach their full potential.  Provide powerful, always-on NOC, SOC and Help Desk solutions – without the massive technology and resource investments required to maintain and scale those offerings in-house.

Secure New Competencies

Shift the talent burden to Continuum.  Continuum Assist provides the people you need to offer the non-stop, real-time support today’s clients demand – so you no longer worry about recruiting, training or retaining top-tier technical talent.

Embrace Scale

For many MSPs, staff and budget are already stretched too thin, so scaling to take on new work is either difficult or impossible.  Continuum Assist gives you the capacity you need to pursue every opportunity while meeting intensive uptime, hybrid infrastructure needs and regulatory requirements.

Boost Profits and Client Satisfaction

Maximize client satisfaction and drive better results for both you and your clients’ businesses.  With Continuum Assist, you can keep your TCO consistently low while increasing per-client revenue, expanding profit margins and enabling sustainable business growth.

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Leverage expert technicians

Plug into Continuum’s services teams and leverage dedicated NOC, SOC and Help Desk technicians that you manage. They’ll learn your business, solve problems and add additional value over time.


Capture opportunities with confidence

Don’t let the day-to-day grind and escalating client demands slow you down.  Continuum Assist gives you total freedom from expensive, resource-heavy tasks that can consume daily operations and limit your growth potential.  Get the support and expertise you need to confidently grow your MSP business.

Assist SOC

Deliver advanced security without the need for in-house expertise.  Protect your clients with complete monitoring, mitigation and full problem resolution

Assist NOC

Let us take care of day-to-day admin tasks, optimize performance and help you be more productive – so you can scale your business without hassle.

Assist Help Desk

Rest easy knowing that your customers are supported 24/7/365 under your brand with our white-label routing and direct response services via chat, email and phone.

Assist Dedicated Tech

Stop worrying about your next full-time hire.  Get dedicated Continuum technical experts that you control, manage and direct.

Assist Tech Advantage

Assign custom projects and ad-hoc work for our teams to complete during business hours, after hours or on weekends.  Free up your technicians for higher-value projects that empower strategic growth.



Help individuals on your IT team develop and mature new analytics skills and fill in those gaps caused by the cybersecurity talent shortage.

Continuum Enable lets you engage in training when it works best for you and your business.  Access e-Learning videos and modules that cover product information, technical instructions and marketing materials.  Technology evolves rapidly – and so should you.

Upskilling has never been easier, thanks to innovative technology.


Learn at Your Pace

Finding time to learn is never easy.  Continuum Enable lets you engage in training when it works best for you and your business.  Access e-Learning videos and modules that cover product information, technical instructions and marketing materials.

Brand Expertise

Technology evolves rapidly – and so should you.  Continuum Enable videos, documentation and Certification curriculum educate your users and test their understanding of core products, concepts and emerging trends.  The course content is broken down into individual modules, each of which contains knowledge tests to reinforce important points and help ensure users retain as much knowledge as possible.

Advance Business Growth

Continuum Enable e-Learning programs focus on technical content that equips your team with strategic business materials to help you deliver quality services, accelerate sales effectiveness and improve customer satisfaction.  Continuum gives you easy access to the timely knowledge you need to keep your MSP business on top.

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Accelerate effectiveness and revenue

Maximise the success of your business with resources designed to build expertise across technical, sales, and marketing for the Continuum Platform.

Continuum’s easy-to-consume resources guide your technical implementation and certifications as well as improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.  Videos and training materials also make it easy to set up, deploy, manage and sell.  Use Continuum Enable to speed your path to revenue.



Continuum University

Learn best practices for implementation and client onboarding, get strategies on maximising resource efficiency and develop your sales processes.

Continuum Doc Centre

Continuum’s user-friendly portal makes it easy to find the graphical technical documentation you need for setup, deployment and management.

Continuum Partner Support Portal

Access product-related resources, events and sales and marketing supporting materials to help grow your revenue and capture new business.

Continuum Certify

Become a certified expert on Continuum, learning industry principles and best practices for implementation of the Continuum platform.