65% of cyber threats constitute data exfiltration

FAMOC helps companies give people what they want: brand new shiny devices, emerging technologies and tools necessary to make their job done. We handle the security part, taking into account the greatest risk that comes from within – your staff.


FAMOC manage simplifies deploying, configuring and managing all smartphones and tablets in your organization. It’s one place where you control everything: you can create profiles, enforce restrictions, set PIN and password policies and many more.

From ten devices to ten thousand, corporate-owned or BYOD, enrolling devices is quick, easy and error-free. FAMOC allows actions to be carried out on a single handset as well as performing bulk operations on OS-differentiated groups of devices.

What is FAMOC Manage?

  • Security – FAMOC manage addresses the challenges of securing mobile devices, data and applications by providing an integrated, intelligent approach to security.
  • Management – FAMOC manage simplifies deploying, configuring, and managing all smartphones and tablets in your organization. It’s one place where you control everything: You can create profiles; enforce restrictions; set PIN and password policies; and more.
  • App Control – FAMOC manage automatically discovers and reports on the organization’s mobile device inventory, providing a real-time view of the health and usage of all applications.


  • Data leakage protection
  • Remote support
  • Regulations compliance
  • Forcing updates
  • Numerous integrations
  • Separation of work and private
  • Data monitoring
  • Locating mobile devices
  • Advance configurations
  • Secure communication


FAMOC defend is a powerful tool to secure your apps, data and devices across different mobile operating systems. By working closely with government customers and adding numerous integrations we are able to ensure FAMOC defend can meet and exceed any requirements.


With FAMOC defend, state institutions get first-day support of all mobile operating systems, can control the way communication is encrypted and manage access to the network from remote devices.


  • Fully Managed & Secure Container – FAMOC defend encrypts and protects any data stored in the secure container on the device. Access is based on password, biometry or/and second factor authentication.
  • Secure Voice, Chat & Video – FAMOC defend supports encrypted, secure voice calls and chats (also in multiuser / conference modes) as well as video calls. Integrations with third party solutions available (e.g. Indra ComSec, Navayo Secfone).
  • Controlled & Protected Private Part of The Mobile Device – Optional private part of the device is fully separated from the secure container and is also fully encrypted. Users can be allowed to install any applications from application stores, however policies on what the apps have access to are enforced. Antimalware and antivirus controls are also enforced, as well as state-of-the-art Mobile Threat Protection for the whole device.
  • Secure Encrypted Connection to Organisation’s Infrastructure – Custom communication channel, based on VPN technology. Dedicated, custom VPN client to meet the organization’s needs. Certificate based authentication with second factor auth available.


Smarter End Users Means a Safer Business

FAMOC lock allows operators to remotely control, manage and lock down the mobile devices of users with overdue payments. Using FAMOC lock you can send payment reminder messages defined by the appropriate policy.

Credit and leasing offers are on the rise

Lease mobile devices:

9% Today 27% in 5 Years

The problem is that people don’t pay monthly instalments on their premium phones or resell them.


The solution is FAMOC lock – a small app preinstalled on the device, that can’t be removed. The app sends instant popup notifications on overdue payments to the user. Information screens can’t be dismissed for a minute. If the user continues to fall behind in payments, the phone gets locked.

How does FAMOC lock work?

  • Enrolment – The enrolment method depends on the device manufacturer. FAMOC lock app is installed on the device automatically and it cannot be removed
  • Management & Lock Based on Device Owner – COSU – FAMOC lock uses the methods of Android Enterprise for manage and lock devices.
  • Dedicated Application – FAMOC Lock – EMM Agent – The icon of FAMOC lock dedicated application (EMM Agent) is visible on the device’s screen.

Using FAMOC lock can

  • Send notifications to mobile devices
  • Apply / remove a blockade to mobile devices
  • Defined messages displayed on mobile devices


  • Reduce fraud
  • Cost savings#
  • Seamless integration with existing systems