Privilege Access Management

PAM Solutions to Secure and Protect Your Entire Ecosystem

Most data breaches today are due to compromised, weak and reused passwords.  A data breach could have massive financial implications and could potentially cripple any business.  South Africa is experiencing a disturbingly high number of data breaches.

As the threat landscape and complexity of these attacks continue to evolve, IT Security leaders need to explore new and innovative solutions to proactively tackle today’s cybersecurity challenges. Solutions that deliver the right level of visibility and control over things that matter protecting critical points of the ecosystem.

And with the increased regulatory compliance and new legislations being introduced globally, companies are in for a rough ride and the consequences for data breaches are severe.

Global Success Stories

Remediant helps Lockheed Martin achieve instrumented compliance for privileged access. Read more…

Remediant helps Lansing Trade Group take an innovative and proactive approach to secure client data.  Read more…


Keeping networks secure is never easy. Administrators need privileged access to perform their job. And that makes them prime targets for attackers. To combat this, SecureONE offers security while enhancing workflow. Find out how SecureONE can secure your customers business.

SecureONE automatically enforces access control policies with zero trust and least privilege principles. This helps ensure secure account access across enterprise-scaled ecosystems to meet compliance regulations for your industry.

Explore the benefits of SecureONE Solution

Safeguard and secure your enterprise ecosystem by evolving privileged access management through a focus on efficiency, simplicity and visibility.  All PAM Solutions built into one platform – easy to deploy, easy to use.

Remediant are able to complete a POC quickly and efficiently, without affecting any of the business operations and provide tangible data generated from the diagnosis.

Enterprise Risk Management

Gain control and mitigate risks over your enterprise with SecureONE’s scalable risk assessment tools, real-time protection, and compliance auditing for over 100K endpoints for instant actionable insights.  To complete the circle of cyber security, Remediant integrated a strict Zero Trust Model to reduce your attack surface and strengthen your first line of defence.

Regulatory Compliance

SecureONE simplifies meeting compliance audit standards for DFARS Compliance, NIST Compliance (NIST 800-171), & SOX Compliance, Privileged Access Management and Multi-Factor Authentication tools are always a higher priority for IT operations in addition to active directory auditing.  See all of SecureONE’s Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Operational Efficiency

Obtain unparalleled maximum operational efficiency and minimise vulnerabilities with SecureONE’s centralised access control dashboard through automated, continuous monitoring of active directory users and computers, and real-time alerts.  Complete real-time visibility of every single privileged account escalation across your entire ecosystem is the quickest way to overcome the challenges of PAM Security.

Malware & Ransomware Prevention

The Best Malware Protection is prevention.  Ransomware attacks are occurring on a more frequent basis in the modern IoT age for even the largest companies in the world.

SecureONE prevents 99% of all data breaches exploited by compromised admin credentials or neglected user accounts with excessive privileges by limiting access to only required endpoints for a limited time and reinforced by Two-Factor Authentication.


Remediant’s SecureONE is a feature-rich privileged access management solution designed to remove technology boundaries and provide a simplified and seamless PAM experience for the entire enterprise ecosystem.

  • Easily enrol 100% of your systems across Windows, macOS, Linux; desktops, severs; cloud, on-prem, hybrid
  • Ensure continuous detection (scan) and prevention (protect) of new privileged accounts.
  • Continuous enforcement of the desired privileged access configuration.
  • Eliminate the need for privileged access using shared or secondary accounts.
  • Provide continuous visibility to every administrator account on every system.
  • Deliver a scalable, agent-less and vault-less experience utilising the principles of Just-In-Time Administration.

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