Why is there a need for Email Security?


Electronic mail has come completely ingrained into the way our communities and companies communicate.  With email playing such an important role in our everyday society, it’s important to know what makes email so vulnerable to attacks, and why there is a need for email security for every company.

The ability to communicate with anyone anywhere, at any time; is what makes email such an incredible and important tool.  This simple nature has allowed email to grow into the massive communication service it is today, but it is also a giant weakness.

The simple path an email takes when sent, leaves messages and information exposed.  Anyone with the right knowledge can intercept, read and edit, or even place viruses and malware into the email.

Public Networks are a major problem too as the path emails take when sent (as with all internet-based technology), travel through other people’s property.  The electronic signal (email) will travel through servers belonging to other organisations to get to and from your desired destination.  These other organisations can easily stop, read, and edit the original email as it passes through their server, then send it on – if they have the right knowledge.

The simple nature and the ease of gaining access to emails is what attracts most hackers and bad characters to it.  When an email is sent un-encrypted, gaining access to the data and content is a quick and easy task.

Why the Email Laundry?

  • A fully managed, enterprise ready email service at an affordable price.
  • Save bandwidth usage by 90%
  • No set up or install, just give us your domain name and IP address.
  • No administration or quarantine necessary.
  • Block 99.9% of spam and all viruses.
  • Just clean email at an affordable price.

The Email Laundry’s technological edge in threat intelligence, advanced predictive analytics, and impersonation detection allows you to rest assured that their service will identify malicious sources before they can attack – keeping your customer’s email safe against malicious attacks.


Threat Intelligence

Using The Email Laundry’s unique combination of in-house developed tools like real-time blacklists, AS rankings, passive DNS, and more, stop ransomware, phishing, and other dangerous attacks before they reach your inbox.

Content Filtering

Emails are scanned for suspicious content and attachment types such as .pdf, .exe, .js, etc, that are often linked with malicious attacks.  Content that appears to be dangerous or spam will be scored, and either be quarantined or discarded, depending on its risk.

Signature Based Anti-Malware

Each email that passes through The Email Laundry’s protection system is scanned by five separate anti-virus engines.  Three of these are signature-based, while the other two are behavioural-based engines to ensure the system captures new viruses and malware, these are also continuously changing to take advantage of the best performing engine.

Connection Filtering

The Email Laundry’s service uses a variety of tests and checks to rate each connection and identify if it seems authentic such as IP reputations, if the domain exists in DNS, domain SPF, and other custom filters.

Multi-layered Encryption

To ensure complete protection, The Email Laundry uses multiple layers of encryption to secure our clients, including opportunistic TLS encryption.  The Email Laundry also offer PDF encryption and secure portal encryption as additional services for users who require them.

Marketing and Graymail Classification

Graymail, which includes newsletters and marketing emails, can be set to quarantine as per your policy.  In many cases, these emails will be unwanted, but come from genuine senders with a trustworthy reputation.  Graymail Management differentiates these emails from genuine spam and allows for admins and end-users (optional) to decide what newsletters they want to receive, while keeping unwanted communications form these bulk senders out of their mailbox, making employees more productive.


76% of Organisations Report Being Victims of a Phishing Attack

Most email filters can detect known threats which account for more than 99% of email attacks. The
remaining 1% are the unknowns.  These are the never-before-seen attacks that have been designed
specifically to target your organisation and will evade traditional means of detection.

Phishing attacks commonly contain links to fake login pages for well-known websites such as Office 365, Google Docs, and Dropbox, to steal an employee’s login credentials.

To evade traditional email filters, attackers wait until after an email has been delivered before ‘weaponizing’ the landing page behind a link.

Protection from Zero Hour Attacks

The Email Laundry’s Advanced Threat Protection includes Attachment Detonation and Advanced URL
defence, capable of detecting these new, sometimes ‘Zero-Hour’ attacks.

Phish Vision utilizes artificial intelligence to dynamically analyse source code, images, submission forms and other criteria to determine authenticity.

Advanced URL Defence rewrites unknown and potentially suspicious links, allowing for continual
analysis of the link and landing page post-delivery, preventing a user from accessing a now known
malicious link.

Advanced URL Defence

  • Unknown links are rewritten to offer time-of-click protection.
  • Blocks emails containing malicious links in the message body, attachments, and even password-protected attachments.
  • Linked landing pages are dynamically analysed in real-time to determine authenticity.

Attachment Detonation (Sandboxing)

‘Ransomware as a Service’ removes the cost and coding barrier to entry, resulting in a threat landscape that has never been more diverse.  Even minor variations in code can make previously seen malware/ransomware undetectable to reputable filters.

As the last layer of protection in their entire stack, Attachment Detonation is designed to investigate unknown and potentially suspicious attachments that haven’t yet been detected.

These unknown and potentially suspicious attachments are detonated on over 200 virtual machines in a cross-matrix of operating systems, programs, and applications to detect zero-day exploits and never-before-seen malware.

Detects More Zero-Days, Than Every Other Sandbox – combined

  • Detects never-before-seen malware and ransomware
  • Unknown attachments are detonated on over 200 virtual machines to observe their behaviour
  • Even password-protected documents can be detonated if considered to be potentially malicious
  • Over 80 file types supported.


Secure Your Communications

The Email Laundry’s Email Encryption Suite offers three comprehensive enterprise-standard encryption services, allowing a company to choose the service that is the best fit for their organisation.  Email is inherently unsafe, ensure your companies emails are securely encrypted with The Email Laundry’s SaaS Email Encryption Suite.


Unencrypted emails can be intercepted in transit and be edited to include things like ransomware, viruses, or other harmful attacks.


Unencrypted email is very easy to view for any user, leaving your companies information at risk.


Don’t let the competition learn your secrets, unencrypted emails can lead to leaks and other damaging effects.

PDF Encryption

PDF Encryption allows you to send confidential information to anyone with 100% confidence that the email and its attachments are encrypted end to end.  The Email Laundry randomly generates all passwords for PDF encryption with their Secure Encryption Gateway and send it on to the receiver through their method of choice:

  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Or Another Service

Once they receive both the email and the password, all the receiver needs to do is open the PDF encrypted file with their choice of PDF viewer.

Randomly Generated Passwords

Passwords are generated using The Email Laundry Secure Encryption Gateway so only the sender and their receiver will have the password to decrypt the email.

Encrypts Content & Attachments

Guarantees that the message is encrypted including the content and most common attachments of the email by including them within the PDF itself.

Personal Choice

With our PDF Encryption, sender can choose their preferred service for their receiver to receive their password, whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or another service.

Secure Portal Encryption

Instead of sending the encrypted email straight to the receiver, clients can make use of The Email Laundry’s Security Portal Encryption, allowing the receiver to safely view the email from the secure portal.

Once an encrypted email is sent to the portal, the receiver is notified through email and is given a link to view the encrypted data.  With The Email Laundry’s secure portal, users can use the same username and password every time to view messages, making it an easy and quick way to frequently view encrypted emails.

Reusable Login

Since they are logging into our secure portal, receivers will only have to remember one username and password, rather than receiving induvial passwords for each email like with PDF encryption.

Encrypts Content & Attachments

Guarantees that all of the message is encrypted including the content and attachments of the email.

100% Secure

Our secure portal allows companies to ensure their emails are safely encrypted and secure from anyone who may want to spy.


Keep Email Flowing When Your Server is Down

Keep your client’s emails flowing, through natural disasters, floods, fires, and any other issues that may bring your server down, with The Email Laundry’s Continuity Service.

No More Downtime

Email continuity safeguards businesses from any disasters or events that may cause server and communication downtime

Send/Receive Emails Remotely

The Email Continuity service allows for users to access, send, and receive their emails right from the web portal, giving users the opportunity to work in the office or remotely.

14 Day Rolling Messages

The Email Laundry continues to send any emails to your inbox for 14 days, ensuring they’re all waiting for you when your server comes back online.

Automatic Email Continuity

No settings or administration necessary.  Your users just log into the web portal at to continue as normal and when the server is back up, all their emails will be waiting in their inbox.

Remote Access

Work from anywhere with The Email Laundry’s Continuity.  Users will be able to send, receive, reply, and forward email as normal, whether they are working remotely or have just stepped away from their desk.